Everyone has heard of BookBub, of course, but there are other deal sites out there.

While looking for promotional opportunities for my latest DARK HOPE KDP Select “Free Days” Sale I found some sites you might be interested in following.

Sale Dates

June/7/2016 – June/11 – Dark Hope – *FREE* (all-amazon markets)
US Link
UK Link

Deal Site Schedule

June 7 – Day 1


* Book Sends *

Free Book of the Day

Book Sends (main site)


* askDavid *

Free KDP Promo Listing

ask David (Dark Hope Tweet)
ask David (main site)
ask David (free ebooks)

June 8 – Day 2


* Robin Reads *

Urban Fantasy

Robin Reads (main site)


Read Cheaply

Read Cheaply (main site)


* Betty Book Freak *


Betty Book Freak (main site)


* Many Books *

Author of the Day

Many Books (Dark Hope Post)
Many Books (main site)

June 9 – Day 3



Freebooksy (main site)

June 10 – Day 4


Book Basset

Book Basset (main site)


Bargain eBook Hunter

Bargain eBook Hunter (main site)


Pixel Scroll – Day 1

Pixel Scroll (main site)


* Effrosyni Writes *

Effrosyni Writes (main site)

June 11 – Day 5


Pixel Scroll – Day 2

Pixel Scroll (main site)